Instead of teaming up with the other kids at Hawkins, Eleven decided to take a trip to Chicago and find her sister. He finds Kali, who is now a member of a band of outcasts. This group is now committed to taking down each evil scientist in Hawkins Scoreland discount lab. Eleven temporarily joins them but decides it would be better if she returns to Hawkins once she realizes what she’s doing is wrong.


This episode felt out of place and it disappointed viewers because everyone wanted to know what was going to happen next in Hawkins.

There were so many storylines that got everyone on the edge of their seats. Will Jonathan or Steve get Nancy? Will Max abandon her little brother to join the group? Why does Mike dislike Max? These are all questions that need answers and time is running out. They are preparing for a big battle against monsters and they need Eleven’s help more than ever.

It is not revealed according to, why they decided to dedicate an entire episode to the band of misfits but now we know what happened at the start of season 2. Kali has an unexplained power that allows her to make people see things differently. For example, when police broke into their hideout, she used her powers to make them think there was nobody there. Of course, she uses her powers to the advantage of her group.

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She even used it for bad purposes like robbing a bank. But then again, how would they sustain themselves if they didn’t do that? Besides, they don’t look like the type that would work a corporate job. They do what they do not because they want to but because they need to. There is a possibility that she will have her series in the future. After all, her powers look cool. When Eleven decides to go back to Hawkins, it shows she cares about Mike even if she decided to ignore his calls for the past year or so. Mike showed you should not give up on anything especially if you want it that bad.

Only time will tell if Mike has developed feelings for Eleven too as next year marks the third season of Stranger Things.

The show has gotten a great following because of the cool concept as it is set in the 1980s. Of course, it would be great if there would be another brother or sister of Eleven introduced in the next season. However, there are already enough characters especially if they decide to retain Max and her brother. The creators can explore new storylines in the third Met Art discounts season and that can only mean good news for the fans. Maybe a new character that will make things complicated for The Party? How about a love triangle between Eleven, Mike, and perhaps another guy? It is hard to imagine Eleven liking another guy but that is why the show’s title is Stranger Things. In this TV show, anything can and will happen.